The buzz? …this year it’s the RedLine 2

Madshus RedLine 2.0 skate skis at Nordic Ultratune

Definitely the most buzz in the shop this season has been around the new Madshus RedLine 2.0 skis, and to a lesser extent the MOVE Switch on the Madshus Intelligrip skis.

Right now Nordic Ultratune has less than 30 pairs of the RedLine 2.0 skis remaining in stock.      That’s not a lot, but there is still coverage to get a great fit for most skiers on the skate skis.      RedLine 2.0 Classic skis are a bit thin, and harder to get a great fit, but there’s still some great skis.

And Intelligrip skin skis?   Ultratune has plenty of the RedLine and Nanosonic IGS that are MOVE Switch compatible.

It’s less than two weeks until Christmas.      If you’d like to get a pair of skis for someone special, or if you want to guarantee a good holiday by getting a pair for yourself, then send a note or call the shop.      You can still get them prepped and shipped to make it in time!


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