Best Day Ever! (this season…)

A few inches of new snow overnight.    And the groomer went past the house at 5 a.m.

Skis leaning against the house, needing some wax.

And the clouds cleared.    And the sun rose while climbing the Winthrop Trail.     The trees, heavily laden, shown in the low angle rays.    And cougar tracks on the edge of the trail were just the thing to focus my eyes on the nearby trees; she’s been along this way in the past couple of hours.

I think this morning was the most beautiful day of skiing here in the Methow Valley so far this season.

The holiday rush at the shop is waning, and there’s enough time to ski a few extra kilometers and make it in time to shovel the sidewalk and help the customers who just can’t wait for the opening bell at 11.

Really this is the way to start the day.    And maybe ending it with some pizza from Tappi in Twisp…

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