Atomic Shift Binding

Atomic has an adjustable classic ski binding that’s new for the 2019/2020 season.

It’s called the Shift binding and it has fore and aft adjustment.    See the video clip, below.

The fore and aft adjustment is particularly useful on skin skis, where the grip isn’t adjustable.    On a waxable ski, of course, you can make the wax pocket shorter or longer or use a colder or warmer wax.     But on skin skis, you’re pretty much limited to what you’ve got.      However, if you can adjust the binding forward (easier-to-compress the ski) or backward (higher camber, harder to compress), then you can tweak the performance of the ski.      It works on waxable skis as well.

Anyone who has used the NIS system is familiar with the advantages to the adjustability.

Now Atomic (and Salomon) has their own proprietary solution, and it’s a good one.    It’s very well engineered and very easy to use.

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