Nordic Ultratune during the COVID-19 days…

The ski season is getting close to an end, but it’s not quite over.

In Washington State, we are at the pointy end of the COVID-19 activity for the country, and the state has put in place some policies regarding non-essential businesses.

During this time, Nordic Ultratune will continue to service skis that are shipped in to the shop in a very normal sort of way. If you need stone grinding, just handle the work order and shipping procedures as usual.

Likewise, for remote clients, new skis and other products can be handled in the usual way – through email and the phone.

If you’d like to stop in at the shop, then things will be a little different. I can help you with skis and boots and all products and service, but it would be best to email or call (cell: 509 341 4754 is easiest) to make sure I’m in the shop. Then I will handle things as “private appointments”. If you just happen to be stopping by, then I’ll be glad to help you with your ski needs.

As a note, many items in the shop will be on sale through the end of the season. Skis and boots. So If I happen to have something that’s a good fit, then you could save some money on some great stuff!

Also, if there’s a pair of skis you’d like to pre-order for autumn delivery, send a note and we can discuss your needs and get you onto the pick list!

Meanwhile, I ask you all to do your part to flatten the curve. Enjoy your time out on the trails and simply skip the social exposure.


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