New 2021/22 Atomic S9 Gen-S Redster Skate Ski

The 2021/22 Atomic S9 Gen-S Redster skate ski is an all new design, and unlike anything else on the market today.

The new ski, which sits a tier above the existing S9 Carbon Redster, is unusual in that it will be built in only one length (183cm, with a variety of flexes) and has a sidecut profile that is designed to modify the gliding ski’s path on the snow through the push-off on the end of the power phase of the skate. Camber characteristics are also quite a bit different; proper fit is critical as always, but these new skate skis will not be fitted the same way as other makes and other Atomic models. Sidewalls are vertical, with no flange on the edge. Finally, the skis have a bonded-on binding plate that works with the brand new Prolink Shift-In adjustable binding. Oh, yeah, new top sheet graphics too.

I will be posting initial test impressions for this ski on Tuesday (Jan 26).

The Atomic Redster S9 Gen-S will be in stock at Nordic Ultratune this week, with our initial twenty pairs selected to fit a span of skiers from 135 – 200 lbs.

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